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May 9, 2014

Location: Norway, Epcot

The Norway pavilion has a somewhat unique history revolving around it compared to other countries found throughout World Showcase. Shortly after the park first opened the area now known as Norway was merely an idea in the Imagineer's mind, but in a slightly different tone.

Norway, in addition to being its own country, is also known for being one country in a group of countries in Europe often referred to as Scandinavia. In addition to Norway, Scandinavia also consists of Sweden and Denmark. With so much beauty and wonder in this region of the world, Disney thought it would be great to eventually add an entire pavilion surrounding these countries and refer to it as the Scandinavia pavilion!

Seems like a great idea, right? Disney proposed the idea to the different countries and while all were on board, it was Norway that began to pull forward with the sponsorship of the pavilion and ideas were renegotiated to switch the pavilion from all of Scandinavia to focus solely on Norway. So why on earth are we having this little history lesson today?

While the majority of the pavilion focuses on the different architecture styles found throughout Norway, one section does not. Most of the ideas of the ideas for the Scandinavia pavilion were thrown away to keep the focus solely on Norway with the exception of one overlooked area which features Denmark architecture. Which area is that? The restrooms:

Norway pavilion 


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