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Fun Find Friday

October 21, 2011

Location: Downtown Disney Marketplace

Over at Downtown Disney there is so much to do! You can eat, shop, watch live entertainment, or go looking for some Fun Finds. If you stop by one of my favorite shops in Downtown Disney, Once Upon a Toy (it's like being a kid in a toy store!), head over to the middle room of the shop. While in here you'll most likely do what you do every other day: buy a monorail set, make a lightsaber, you know, a typical Friday.

However, while your pockets get lighter and your bags get heavier, make sure you look up to find a train running around the top of the store on a track! Very cool, right? Well, as always, there's a fun find to go along with it. If you take a look at the pillars holding the train tracks up, you'll notice that they are actually different types of toys. For instance, you can clearly see Jenga pieces in the picture below:

I know, I know, JENGA! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?! It is awesome, but that's not our Fun Find. In fact, if you look at other pillars you can find different blocks that look much like the picture below:

Who's Timmy? Great question! Well, if you remember in past Fun Find Fridays, like when we talked about the mail boxes near Bay Lake, we talked about how some Imagineers used things like mailboxes to mark their impact on the park. The same thing is done here at Once Upon a Toy where the Imagineers have made their signature by spelling their names out in blocks! So thanks Timmy, Gary, Bobby, and so many more for creating another place for me to blow my money!



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