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Fun Find Friday

December 23, 2011

Location: Streets of America, Disney's Hollywood Studios

While Walt Disney World is my favorite place on earth, Christmas time adds an extra layer of magic to this wonderful place. Snow falls, countries traditions are discovered, and parades in the jungle add a jingle jungle type of twist.

My favorite addition to the Christmas season, however, can be found at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Every night a lucky guests is chosen from the audience to flip a light switch that turns on thousands of Christmas lights which then dance to music at the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. How did this all start though?

The whole story actually began in Little Rock, Arkansas when a little girl named Breezy asked her father Jennings for a simple Christmas wish: to have their house covered in lights! Jennings, who often went overboard on promises to his daughter, decorated his house to the extreme! This unfortunately caused his neighbors to complain about the traffic that his light display was creating in the neighborhood which in turn, resulted in Jennings buying out the two houses next to him and adding them to his annual display!

Eventually the lawsuits won out and Jennings had to give up his light display, but luckily for him, Disney heard about the story and gave Jennings a very generous offer: move his light display to (the then) Disney-MGM Studios where it could be enjoyed by millions every year! Jennings obviously jumped at the case! However, we do have a Fun Find hidden here.

While going through Jennings' lights Disney discovered a purple cat (which was actually from his Halloween display). Jennings told Disney to keep it and a new tradition arrived with the annual light display: Disney would hide the purple cat every year as a Fun Find for guests on a yearly basis! So next time you are at Disney during Christmas, make sure you head over to Disney's Hollywood Studios and keep your eyes out for this guy:


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