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Fun Find Friday

June 2, 2017

Location: Panodra - The World of Avatar, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pandora - The World of Avatar at first seems like an odd addition to Disney's Animal Kingdom, however the idea of conservation is found throughout the entire land. During Avatar, the RDA, a mining company, travels to the moon of Pandora to claim a precious energy source that can only be found on the moon. As the conflict between the Na'vi people and the humans conclude, the RDA has put quite a dent on the landscape of the moon from their destruction.

Scattered throughout the land of Pandora, guests can find various items that the RDA had built or brought and left behind on the far away moon. As time went by, these various man made items slowly became one with the land itself, which brings us to this week's Fun Find Friday! Just after entering the land through the main entrance, guests can find the river on their right-hand side which originally called Camp Minnie-Mickey home:


Hidden within the woods is a small little mound which helps showcase the way that the moon of Pandora has begun to reclaim it's land from the devastation that the RDA brought to it. Hidden here is a helicopter which is beginning to be reclaimed by the landscape as the plants begin to overtake it:

Pandora helicopter

This isn't the only spot in the land where the planet is beginning to overcome the destruction that was brought to the moon, but that will be saved for another week!



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