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Fun Find Friday


March 25, 2011

Location: Echo Lake, Disney's Hollywood Studios

One of the most detailed sections of Walt Disney World is Echo Lake in Disney's Hollywood Studios. We've already done one Fun Find Friday focusing on the area here and we could do at least 50 more (no joke)! Today we will talk about Peevy's Polar Pipeline.

Disney's Hollywood Studios has made several attempts in the past to connect a  Disney film into the park. For instance, at one point there was talk of a whole Roger Rabbit themed area, a Dick Tracy attraction, and a whole Muppets areas. There's only one question lingering over the Imagineers while coming up with these ideas: Will this movie still be popular in the future?

Unfortunately the case for some of these films is "no." In 1991 Disney released "The Rocketeer" with hopes of the film being a major success! Unfortunately, it wasn't. The film didn't bring in the upper teens/younger twenties crowd that the film was mainly geared for. Disney decided the problem was the fact that people in this age group wouldn't want to see a "Disney" movie. To solve this problem they released it under their Touchstone label in Canada. There was a slight increase in profits, but not too much.

Anyways, back to the park! To test the waters on the popularity of "The Rocketeer" Disney created a few references to the film to see guest response. Peevy, the sidekick in the film, was given his own frozen carbonated beverage stand during this time period. To give a few more nods to the film than just the name, Imagineers put a few fun finds here for us hard core Disney fans.

If you take a close look at the menu you will realize that it is written on Peevy's sketches for the rocket pack in the film! In addition to this fun find, you can also find the rocket pack and helmet shoved in the corner to the left of the machines behind the counter!


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