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Fun Find Friday

October 12, 2012

Location: Streets of America, Disney's Hollywood Studios

In the past we've talked a lot about different fun finds that are typically right out in the open just waiting for guests to discover. Today's Fun Find, however, takes a look at something which guests can see, but only if the circumstances are right. Let's head over to Pizza Planet to discover a toy story!

Back in 1995 Toy Story became the first computer animated film to be released. The story, which I'm sure you all know, focuses around Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Woody, feeling left behind after Buzz Lightyear enters his life, knocks Buzz out a window so his owner, Andy, will take him to Pizza Planet instead. Buzz returns and him and Woody get separated from Andy at a gas station. The two make their way to Pizza Planet, but they need to figure out a way to get in.

Headed back to Pizza Planet over at Disney's Hollywood Studios you will find the picture above just around the corner from where guests place their order. This condiment stand, which I've used hundreds of times before holds one of the greatest Fun Finds, which until a few months ago I never knew existed. While walking down the stairs (which is where this picture was taken from) I noticed something I had never noticed before. Just above the station a Pizza Planet cup is barely emerging from the wall behind. I then realized that the background resembles the entrance to Pizza Planet from the film as well.

I then moved the condiment stand and behind it I was delighted to find the cup, with Woody's legs attached to it, and a hamburger box (barely seen in the picture above) with Buzz's legs coming out of it. Before I could get a descent picture a Cast Member informed me that I wasn't allowed to move the condiment stand so I unfortunately didn't get a picture. Yesterday, however, I returned to Pizza Planet with one goal in mind: get a picture of this week's Fun Find. I got permission from the Cast Members working and after three of us tried to pull the condiment stand back we all realized it is now bolted to the ground. I settled for the following picture:

This shot, taken from the side of the condiment stand, shows Buzz legs emerging from the hamburger box. So while most of our Fun Finds have been easy to spot after being shown where they are, this weeks Fun Find may remain hidden for all eternity while also being right out in the open for everyone to see!


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