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January 13, 2012

One year ago we began the Days of the Week and I started out our Fun Find Friday articles at the location I thought would be most fitting, the center of Walt Disney World. Over the past year we've taken a look at several different Fun Finds in all of the Walt Disney World parks, Disneyland, hotels, and much much more. For today's Fun Find we will be taking a look at not just the center of Walt Disney World, but at the park as a whole. Our Fun Find begins over at the Backlot Tour.

While on your tour you will find several props from different Disney (and non-Disney) films throughout the years. Some highlights include Herbie the Love Bug, a Snowspeeder from The Empire Strikes Back, and the Muppet Taxi. However, while on the tour you will find what could be the most unique of all items on the tour:

This is the N234MM or November 234 Mickey Mouse, or the Mouse for short. This plane was the actual plane Walt Disney and other executives would fly in while plotting out the plans for Walt Disney World. While in this plane Walt chose where the center of Walt Disney World would be and figured out the location for the Magic Kingdom, his hotels, golf courses, and so much more. Naturally, while the plans were being created Walt decided to share his plans with the general public on television.

During his television special, Walt showed viewers a map of the entire Walt Disney World Resort (at that time only known as the Disney World Resort).

What made this map extremely interesting was the fact that Disney planned on having an airport in the very southern portion of the property. This would allow guests to fly into the airport and stay on Disney property for their entire vacation. But, this in turn causes people to ask a simple question: was this the location of where Walt Disney used to land his plane while walking around property?

The answer is actually no and leads us to our Fun Find (I know, cut to the chase Brent!). You see, when Disney started working on the "Florida Project" they needed to land their plane at a place that wouldn't create a lot of attention. The solution? Land the plan a little bit above the center of Walt Disney World. Amazingly enough, this air strip is still present today! If you go through the Magic Kingdom gates (that you drive through) you'll take the first road on your right and almost immediately on your left you will find the below image:

This, my friends, is the famous location that Walt and his team would travel to throughout the year while doing research! After Walt passed away, The Mouse continued to fly exectives back and forth from California to Florida until it eventually retired at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Interestingly enough, the plane did not make its final touchdown on Walt's airstrip, but instead on the road that is parallel to Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot (as seen below)!

Thank you to everyone for the amazing support for the past year! I hope you are excited for a year full of Fun Finds!


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