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Fun Find Friday

September 7, 2012

Location: Pleasure Island, Downtown Disney

While approaching Pleasure Island from the parking lot you may find the following curious sight:

Back in 1989 Pleasure Island opened to the public offering a new type of entertainment for Disney guests. The area would remain open through 2008 where it would eventually close up its doors for good. For the majority of that time guests would buy tickets to enter Pleasure Island at one of these ticket booths. But, why on earth are they shaped like train cars?

Throughout the years Disney has reused different items from past attractions, resorts, restaurants, etc. to save money and keep nostalgic guests happy. From 1973-1977 Disney had a very unique attraction which actually wasn't located inside of a park, but inside of a resort as well. The Fort Wilderness Railroad traveled around a 3 mile track on the campgrounds site, but due to maintenance, noise, and other issues it stopped daily operation in '77 and would operate on occasion into the early 80s. When it closed permanently a few of the Railroad cars were sold to private buyers while others were moved to both Pleasure Island and Typhoon Lagoon (both of which opened on the same day in 1989)! Just goes to show that Disney has been recycling for years!


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