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Fun Find Friday

March 22, 2013

Location: Port Orleans Riverside

One thing Disney has always been known for is remembering their roots. Sure, you can trace the history of the Disney Company back to 1923, but as Walt always pointed out, "it was all started by a mouse." It's actually quite amazing realizing that Walt's big turning point in his career didn't occur until five years into his company. What's even more impressive is how one simple cartoon, Steamboat Willie, would change not just the course of a company, but American Culture!

Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse's big screen debut, focuses on Mickey piloting a steamboat down the river until he is caught by Pete. Pete puts him through different tasks, each which Mickey has fun doing, but ultimately gets him into trouble. Over at Port Orleans, Disney celebrates a time when "going down the bayou" was just simply a way of life. Within the majority of the rooms, guests can find giant crates (which would be found on steamboats like the one Mickey drives). While the crates actually have several fun finds upon them, the one that we are taking a look at today is the name of the crate company:

Port Orleans Riverside

Willie Inc. is a nice little reference to Steamboat Willie, which much like the establishment date of Willie Inc., was released in 1928!


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