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Fun Find Friday

May 16, 2014

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Rock 'n' Rollercoaster starring Aerosmith is filled with several fun finds just waiting to be discovered. For guests wanting to sit in the front row for the attraction they are placed in a small extended queue which features the following advertisement:

Wash this way auto dealer

This sign deserves some special attention. Starting off with the name of the Auto Detail company, Wash This Way is a play on words for their 1975 hit song, Walk this Way. The rest of the sign focuses around other playful puns such as Wash and Roll (play on Rock and Roll), Hollywood and Shine (based on the famous Hollywood and Vine), and Street Emotion Complete Detail (play on words for the other 1975 hit song, Sweet Emotion).

While these puns are great, the true find with this sign comes at the end of the attraction. Since this portion of the line is mainly only seen by guests sitting in the front row, these same guests are given a special surprise at the end of the attraction. Once your super stretch limo arrives at the concert, guests sitting in the front few rows can find the following image on the left hand side of the ride vehicle:

Wash This Way

Here is the actual entrance to the Wash This Way Auto Detail shop! Make sure to ride this ride again and again cause you don't wanna miss a thing!


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