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July 29, 2016

Location: Backlot, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Shortly after Disney-MGM Studios opened up, Disney began to look at an upcoming live action film in hopes that they could dedicate a portion of the park to the film's predicted success. Props from the film were placed in the Studio Backlot Tour, the main character from the film got their own square in front of The Great Movie Ride, and even a quick service stand opened up while being named after a character in the film. The film, however, didn't do well, and any momentum for an attraction based on the film was dropped. The film? The Rocketeer. While some of the references have disappeared, the one we are looking at today still stands over at the Sci-Fi Dine-In:

Sci-Fi Dine In

While walking into the lobby for the restaurant, there are two possible ways to enter into the actual dining area. One is a hallway on the right, another is on the left. Today we will be traveling down the hallway on the left:

Sci fi Dine in

Just before entering into the dining area, take a look at the fence on the left hand side. Hanging from the top of the fence is the only item that appears to be out of place. The item? The rocket pack from the film of course!

Rocket Pack

This isn't the only location where guests can find references to The Rocketeer still to this day. In fact, if you head over to Peevy's Polar Pipeline, you can find another rocket pack hidden in the corner there as well. So next time you are at Disney's Hollywood studios, keep your eyes peeled. You never know if the Rocketeer is waiting around the corner to be discovered.


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