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Fun Find Friday

May 23, 2014

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

This coming up Wednesday is the day we have been waiting for for almost five years: the completion of the Fantasyland Expansion, or New Fantasyland! With the final attraction, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, set to open that day, we will be taking a look at a Fun Find found within the attraction's main queue line!

While the queue line features a few locations for guests to interact with various objects, one of them has a secret that will most likely go overlooked by many guests. Just after entering the inside portion of the queue, guests will come across seven barrels, each which belongs to a different dwarf:

Bashful barrel

If you spin the barrel around in circles, a reflection of the diamonds are shown spinning upon the ceiling until they transform into the dwarf whose name is represented on that specific barrel. For instance, if you spin the Bashful barrel, Bashful appears on the ceiling:


That's not the coolest part though. As mentioned earlier, there are seven barrels for each dwarf. If all seven barrels are spun at the same time, not only will all seven dwarfs appear on the ceiling, but you are award a special surprise for your teamwork with your fellow guests:

Snow White

That's right! All seven spinning barrels results in Snow White appearing as well!


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