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Fun Find Friday

May 17, 2013

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom

This week we are celebrating all things Pap, our Gamer Tuesday writer on the site. It just happens that two of Pap's favorite things, Fantasyland and Sword in the Stone, mesh up together to create one amazing Fun Find! I know what you're thinking, "We already know about the sword in the stone in front of the carousel!" True, but that isn't the only connection to the classic 1963 film found throughout Fantasyland.

Back in January of 2012 test runs for the new interactive game Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom debuted with interactive portals found throughout the park. While some parts of the park remained practically unchanged, other sections were drastically changed and rethemed to allow these portals to blend in with the rest of the area. Let's head over to Sir Mickey's to see how one window has changed.

Previous to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom moving into the Magic Kingdom, the window in the back of Sir Mickey's featured Minnie Mouse's lady in waiting, Daisy Duck preparing for the day as seen below:

Daisy Duck Lady in Waiting

Unfortunately when Sorcerers came into the park, Daisy had to go to make way for a Disney character that had up to this point been forgotten by most: Archimedes, Merlin's loyal owl! So next time while at Sir Mickey's, make sure you stop by this window to take a look at Archimedes' bird house!

Archimedes bird house


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