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Fun Find Friday

March 16, 2012

Location: Storybook Circus, Magic Kingdom

This has been an extremely exciting week for the Magic Kingdom with it receiving its biggest expansion since 1988 when Mickey's Birthdayland first made its mark on the park. Now Mickey's Birthdayland, Mickey's Starland, and Mickey's Toontown Fair are no more, but a permanent portion of Fantasyland, Storybook Circus, is now here to stay!

As always Disney has not forgotten their past while designing this new land. We've discussed in past articles how sometimes Imagineers will leave a nice little nod to a past attraction at the location of the present attraction, and they have done that once again over at The Barnstormer.

Now The Barnstormer has a nice little history that is being built. The original attraction opened up in Mickey's Toontown Fair replacing Grandma Duck's petting zoo. The attraction was themed around a farm (paying homage to the former attraction) which was owned by Goofy. The name of the barn was Wise Acres Farms! Now let's take a quick look at the entrance to the attraction:

I know what you're thinking: Pretty awesome sign! And I totally agree with you. It has a look that makes you feel like you truly are at a circus themed area where a lot of the props may have been taken from debris found in the area. If you take a closer look at The Barnstormer sign itself you may notice that it is actually made up of three different pieces of wood. Why is that? Well, Goofy, as the Great Goofini, did just that. He found some pieces of wood in the area and decided to turn it into a sign. Of course, the other side of the sign already had words on it, so he naturally had to use the non-writen side as his canvas. What's the other side look like?

Here you can find the three boards that used to make up a different sign. If you were to take the bottom piece and flip it the other way and put it on the top and take the top piece and flip it around and put it on the bottom you would be able to see that the original side read "Wise Acres Farms!"


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