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Fun Find Friday

March 23, 2012

Location: Storybook Circus, Magic Kingdom

Just two days ago Storybook Circus received yet another addition that most guests don't realize was never there. What was it? Well, to explain it we need to do a quick recap of the classic 1941 Disney animated film, Dumbo.

The film starts off with Dumbo being delivered to the very protective Mrs. Jumbo. After Dumbo sneezes and reveals his enormous ears, Mrs. Jumbo's companions, Caddy, Prissy, and Giddy, continue to harass Dumbo to no end. Eventually Mrs. Jumbo is taken away and Dumbo is stuck with the three elephants to participate in the elephant act in the circus.

Now back to Storybook Circus. With the circus in town it's only natural that Dumbo is on hand, but unfortunately for him, Caddy, Prissy, and Giddy are part of the circus as well. Just after exiting the train at the brand new Fantasyland Train Station you will pass a bunch of luggage on your left hand side. Amongst the luggage is the following:


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