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Fun Find Friday

April 27, 2012

Location: Storybook Circus

We've spent a lot of time at Storybook Circus over the past two months and this week is no exception. One thing I have loved about the Fantasyland Expansion so far is that no matter what, there always seems to be a brand new Fun Find every time I visit the land, and a few weeks ago was no exception. Our last Fun Find in this area was on March 23rd and dealt with the water barrels for Dumbo and the other elephants in the area. This week we are going to be going to the same area to visit the baggage which recently received some upgrades!

While near the exit of the Fantasyland Train Station you will find several different pieces of luggage, most of which have no important significance (besides the one that has a Wisconsin sticker. That's obviously for me). There are five pieces of luggage we are going to examine today and let's start off with these two:

The one at the top (The Big Bad Wolf Balloonist Extraordinaire: "He'll Huff and He'll Puff and Create the Animal of Your Choice") is obviously referring to The Big Bad Wolf, the antagonist in Disney's 1933 Silly Symphony, The Three Little Pigs. The luggage at the bottom (Property of Hyacinth Hippo: "The most exquisite Aerial Sensation in the Big Top") is a little more obscure. Hyacinth Hippo is the often overlooked character from the Dance of the Hours segment of Fantasia. She is the main hippo that truly seems to defy gravity despite her larger than life size.

The next piece of luggage is around the corner and looks like this:

This piece of luggage (Melody Time Brand Brass Horns "Always in Toon") is referring to the often forgotten 1948 Disney package film, Melody Time! This film consisted of seven segments with some of the most popular being The Legend of Johnny Appleseed and, my personal favorite, Pecos Bill!

If you walk up the stairs (towards the rest of the Expansion) you will find our final two piece of luggage sitting near each other. The first is similar to a hatbox found in the new Mickey meet and greet area:

The hatbox reads, "Ten Schillings and Sixpence, LTD." with the smaller text stating "Hats for all occasions...Birthdays, Unbirthdays, and all days between." The hat is a reference to The Mad Hatter from 1951's Alice in Wonderland. In the film The Mad Hatter wears a hat which reads 10/6 which is actually the price tag for the hat: It'll cost ten schillings and sixpence to purchase that hat!

The final reference in the area can be found just to the right of the hatbox and is probably the most obscure reference of all.

The box advertising Red's Amazing Juggling Unicycles is a reference to the 1987 Pixar short cartoon, Red's Dream which focused on a unicycle sitting in the corner of Eben's Bikes (which as you can see on the picture above is also the manufacturer of Red's Amazing Juggling Unicycles). After the store is closed Red drifts off into sleep and dreams of being a famous unicycle in a circus where he juggles for the crowd and everyone cheers. Unfortunately for Red he wakes up and finds himself still in Eben's Bikes.

As you can see a lot of additions, both major and subtle, are coming to the Fantasyland Expansion. Here's hoping we have another Fun Find popping up in the next couple of days!


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