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Fun Find Friday

October 9, 2015

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney struggled financially the majority of his early years. While his father went from one failed business venture to the next, Walt began to find success in the late 1920's, but used the majority of the profit he made to build newer stories or to create new short films.

In 1937, Walt and his team released the first full length animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. While most fans know that Walt used the majority of the profits to build a new studio, there is one purchase that Walt made that now makes Disney's Hollywood Studios home.

One of the things Walt always wanted to buy himself was a nice car. While he had cars in his adult life, he always promised himself that once he had the money, he would buy himself a real nice car. So sitting just being the Trolley Car Cafe, you can see the first really nice car Walt ever bought for himself. And not only that, this car was the actual car owned by Walt Disney himself!

Walt Disney's car


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