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Fun Find Friday

July 29, 2011
Future World Central and Tomorrowland

Take a close look at the picture to the right. Doesn't seem to have anything too special on it, right? Remember to not let appearances deceive you. Let's take a closer look at the item to figure out what on earth our Fun Find deals with this week.

First off, for those of you wondering what on earth or where in the world this is I'll give you a little back story. In the center of Future World is an enormous fountain called the Fountain of Nations. Here you can watch a water show set to music every 15 minutes. To help hide the fact that there are giant speakers set up around the fountain, giant scrims, like the one seen here, are set up.

To hide the fact that these are in fact hiding things Imagineers actually come up with brand new designs that will make these new additions feel like they truly belong in each specific section of the park.

Now getting back to our Fun Find. If you take a look at the picture you will see several Pentagons in the picture starting about half way up on the left hand side and making their way up to the top right of the painting. Why are these here exactly?

Well, before the Imagineer who designed this was an Imagineer he used to spend hours riding one of his all time favorite attractions in

Walt Disney World over and over and over again. What attraction was it? The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover of course!

Every time he would ride the attraction he would pass a staircase at the beginning and ending of the attraction (which everyone passes). He would often look at the staircase and wonder where the stairs led to. Having a creative mind he came up with several different creative ideas of what could be up these mysterious stairs, but decided he never wanted to actually go up them (even though he does know they go to the Astro Orbiter.

So when designing a picture that would cover up the speakers in Future World he decided to incorporate these mystery stairs into the drawing. So take a look at the picture of the actual stairs (seen below) and compare it with the stairs leading upwards in his drawing and you'll see they are extremely similar to one another!


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