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December 14, 2012

Location: Future World, Epcot

One amazing thing about Disney is they are always looking at the future while still honoring their past. Recently Test Track reopened with a whole new ride experience. While the attraction was down for its almost year long refurbishment, there was one question on my mind: "How are they going to honor the original Test Track?"

The surprising thing wasn't how they honored Test Track, but its predecessor, World of Motion. The opening day attraction ran until 1996 when it made way for Test Track. The attraction truly embodied the "old school Epcot" spirit and had its own logo, much like the other World Showcase pavilions of the 1980s.

While the original Test Track had a few nods to the attraction that originally opened in this location, the World of Motion logo wasn't present until now! You can find the World of Motion logo on both the entrance sign, along with on the trash cans (as seen below)!

New Test Track trash cans


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