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Fun Find Friday


February 22, 2013

Location: Future World, Epcot

President's Day was this past Monday and to celebrate I figured we should take a look at one of my favorite (although retired) nods to a former President of the United States!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or FDR as he was called, was the 32nd President and to this day is considered one of the greatest leaders this country has ever seen. As the only president to ever serve three terms, he led this country through The Great Depression and through World War II while constantly giving the citizens of America hope that better days were ahead.

Due to his influence on the country, FDR has been featured in several attractions found throughout Walt Disney World. In fact, he makes more appearances in different attractions than any other US President (he's appeared in four different attractions). His greatest appearance in my opinion, is unfortunately no longer with us as of last year. So let's travel back in time and visit Test Track for one of the most obscure Presidential references ever found within Walt Disney World.

Several readers out there most likely remember hopping aboard a Test Track car thanks to Bill McKim up in the control tower while going through rough road tests, corrosive tests, and even barrier tests. During their stay as crash test dummies, guests were given one surprise that wasn't talked about in the preshow video, a truck that crept up on them in a dark tunnel. This truck, which always created a great reaction from unsuspecting guests, is home to our Fun Find this week.

Even though the near death moment happens extremely quickly, guests who were ready to look at death in the eyes probably would notice that the driver of the truck was wearing a lei and seemed to have no worry in the world that he nearly killed us. If guests paid enough attention to the driver they would realize it was in fact a cardboard cutout of FDR himself!

Below are two pictures I took prior to the attractions closing. While they came out blurry, you can barely make out the face of FDR in the picture on the right. Just goes to show that presidents sometimes campaign in the most random locations!

FDR in Test Track


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