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April 15, 2011

Location: Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom (Extinct!)

Ahh, Tinker Bell! How we love you! Funny thing is, the little pixie that we have all come to know and love never would have been as popular as she is today if it weren't for some crazy turn of events.

Back in the 1950's Walt came up with this crazy idea: build a theme park! Sure that idea doesn't seem crazy at all, but back then a theme park was unchartered territory. Walt realized this could be a huge flop. Keeping this in mind he decided the last thing he would ever want to do is associate his big stars (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Pluto) with a failure so he called in some recruits: Tinker Bell and Jiminy Cricket.

Both of these characters had had limited screen time so if they failed it would be alright since they were very minor characters. Luckily for us, Disneyland was a huge success, but along with that success came a new popularity for Jiminy Cricket, and more importantly, Tinker Bell.

If you wanted to meet Tinker Bell today it'd be fairly easy to find her. You head over to Pixie Hollow and say hi to her and (sigh) Rosetta. Ah Rosetta. Sorry, got distracted for a second. Before the Tinker Bell films and Pixie Hollow existed it was a tough task trying to meet Tinker Bell. Sure you could see her on Soarin', the American Adventure, or the roof of World of Disney, but was there ever a place you could truly meet this iconic character?

Why yes, yes there was. There used to be a store in Fantasyland called Tinker Bell's Treasures and Imagineers came up with an ingenious way to incorporated everyone's favorite pixie into the store. There was a desk with a drawer (similar to the one the Darling children had in their bedroom) in the back of the store and when you looked through the keyhole you could see a light inside and the drawer would start to shake!

Pretty cool, right? Well, when the technology advanced, Imagineers stepped it up to a brand new level where you could call Tinker Bell with a bell and she would literally appear behind the cash register!


It's amazing looking back at how far Tinker Bell has come from a secondary character that was used as a could be forgettable character, to one of the most popular characters in the Disney family!

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