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Fun Find Friday

May 12, 2017

Location: Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom

Tinker Bell has had several homes in the Magic Kingdom over the past 10 years. She could first be found in a drawer in the old shop Tinker Bell's Treasures. She then was found as a character who flew throughout Tinker Bell's Treasures. She eventually made her way to Mikcey's Toontown Fair followed by Adventureland, and currently can be found in the Town Square Theater on Main Street, USA. Just before meeting Tink, guests can find this larger than life teacup that's upside down:

Tinker Bell meet and greet

On the bottom of the cup (which is actually sticking up) reads
"Honorable Barrie
Bone China
Emerine-Rapport-Davis 1906
Kensington Gardens"

Tinker Berll Meet and Greet

The honorable Barrie is a ference to Author Sir James Barrie who was the author of Peter Pan. The stories of Peter Pan were inspired by Sir Barrie after he met some neighborhood boys. He wrote about their adventures which stemmed from Kensington Gardens in England! The story of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens was originally found in a story written by James Barrie called The Little White Bird, which was the precursor for Tinker Bell!



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