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Fun Find Friday

March 17, 2017

Location: Frontierland, Magic Kingdom

Just past Aunt Polly's on Tom Sawyer Island is Catfish Cove. During The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom has to whitewash a fence as a punishment by his Aunt Polly. While he whitewashes, another schoolboy named Ben Rogers begins to poke fun at him for doing the dastardly chore. Tom convinces Ben that he's actually doing it for fun. Eventually Tom convinces Ben, along with other boys that show up, to do his work for him and to give him items in turn to whitewash the fence.

At Catfish Cove, guests can find a half whitewashed fence along with Huck's name written down and a words stating that Tom loves Becky, a reference to Becky Thatcher who Tom has a crush on in the novel. Prior to the change from Fastpass to Fastpass+ in 2013, paintbrushes were scattered throughout the island to connect the whitewashing aspect of the novel to the attraction. If a guest found one of the paintbrushes, they would find instructions explaining that the guest should return their paintbrush to a cast member and receive a paper Fastpass in return. Much like Tom's friends trading their valuable items to Tom in order to whitewash, Cast Members would be trading a valued item for a whitewashing session of their own. I guess they never read the novel!

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