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Fun Find Friday

January 27, 2012

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

We've paid a visit to the preshow room of The Tower of Terror before by looking at an envelope addressed to Mr. Serling. This week we will be revisiting the room and taking a look at an often overlooked piece of paper sitting on the desk that sits just next to the entrance of the room:

Porcelains  of Europe, although susceptible to earthquake damage, are an important element in films and attractions of Hollywood.

I know what you are thinking, "Alright, the paper is pretty simple. What's the point?" What's the point? WHAT'S THE POINT?!?! Actually, that is a good question. As always, there's a story to be shared. First off, we should point out that when the Tower of Terror was built it was actually the most expensive Disney attraction ever built up to that point in time. While a lot of the expenses went into the actual ride system, a ton of money went into the props found throughout the lobby, waiting rooms, and exit of the attraction.

So what does the note about the porcelains of Europe have to do with anything. To be as authentic as possible, and make guests feel like they were traveling through a lavish hotel that Hollywood's finest would stay at, all of the items found are actually from different places around the world. One item they spent thousands of dollars on were porcelains from Europe. The shipment originally arrived at the Imagineer headquarters in Burbank and shortly afterwards an earthquake occurred and the porcelains fell of a shelf.

Fortunately, there was no harm done and they were shipped to Florida to help put the finishing touches on the preshow room. Unfortunately during the trip to Florida, the packages were dropped and the porcelains, which had survived a long trip from Europe to Southern California earthquakes, broke and a planned detail for the preshow room disappeared.

In order to get over the little bump in the road they had come into contact with, Imagineers decided to poke fun at their misfortune by leaving this note in the waiting area for all guests to see.


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