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Fun Find Friday

April 13, 2012

Location: Sunset Boulevard, Disney's Hollywood Studios

I didn't have any intention of covering a fun find at the Tower of Terror this week until I finished my original article for today and realized that today was in fact Friday the 13th! With that in mind, I give you a Tower of Terror Fun Find!

We discussed in a past article the connection the Tower of Terror has with the television show The Twilight Zone. Some of these references refer to specific episodes, characters, or (as is the case today) historical moments in the shows history. After you board the elevator take a look to your left hand side (while sitting down). Just on the other side of the cage in the front row you can find the following image:

What is it? It's a standard Elevator Inspection certificate that you would find on most elevators. Let's first take a look at the inspection date on the sign. As we know from the narration at the preshow video the Hollywood Tower Hotel was struck by lightning on Halloween, 1939, aka, October 31, 1939. So we should be happy knowing that the elevator was fully operational on the day the building was struck. That should make you feel a little more at ease the next time you ride. Luckily for us, this is just the start of our Fun Find!

If you were to look at the bottom line of the plaque you will find that it was inspected by Cadwallader. Who is Cadwallader? The sixth episode of the first season, Escape Clause (not to be confused with the third film in the Santa Clause series), focused around a man who feared death and decides to make a deal for immortality with a man named Cadwallader. Cadwallader, the Devil in disguise, grants the wish and the man, knowing he won't die, begins to commit several crimes until he is to be put in jail. Realizing he will never die and spend eternity in jail he takes advantage of Cadwallader's escape clause and has a heart attack instantly while giving his soul to the devil.

Our final detail on the plaque that needs to receive some attention is the actual State ID Number of the elevator: 10259. What do these numbers refer to? The air date of the first Twilight Zone episode: October 2, 1959!


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