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Fun Find Friday

October 31, 2014

Location: Sunset Boulevard

Another Halloween is upon us and what better way to celebrate than by visiting the attraction that's storyline begins on Hollywood in the year 1939. The attraction? The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror of course!

In the past we have talked about references to The Twilight Zone in the library and elevator shaft before, and today we will be making our way back to the library for another reference to the classic television show.

In a season three episode of The Twilight Zone entitled To Serve Man, a group of aliens known as the Kanamits land on earth and visit the United Nations where they promise to help Earth by showing them better ways to grow food. While the people of Earth are originally skeptical about the intentions of the Kanamits, they eventually decipher the title of a book the aliens have brought to earth. After deciphering the title, they realize that the book is entitled To Serve Man. Realizing that the Kanamits are actually there to serve them, they begin to take their advice and in turn, world hunger is no longer a worry amongst the planet Earth.

Several Earthlings begin to take trips to the Kanamits' planet, but due to the over interest in visiting the planet, many people are put on a waiting list including two of the people who deciphered the title of the book. While one of them finally is allowed to visit, the other decides to translate the rest of the book. Here, they realize that the title To Serve Man doesn't focus on helping out the people of Earth, but is in fact a cookbook which teaches the Kanamits how to actually serve man as a meal.

So how does this connect with the Tower of Terror? In both libraries, guests can find the book, To Serve Man, waiting to be discovered. If you enter through the library on the right hand side, the book is found on a shelf on the opposite corner from the television screen, while on the left hand side the book is found on your right hand side just after entering the room.

To Serve Man

Happy Halloween everyone!


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