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Fun Find Friday

June 24, 2011

Disney and cars. In a weird way the two have gone hand in hand, which has made picking a specific topic for this week that much harder. There were so many ideas that began to come to mind. There was the obvious idea. Talk about Herbie the Love Bug


I then realized that was too predictable since that's the car I drive and people would expect that from me. So then I began to think of things like Lights, Motors, Action

these two vehicles at the exit of Indiana Jones:

Test Track, Ride Makerz, The Absent-Minded Professor, Autopia, Tomorrowland Speedway, Tron Cycles, Susie the Little Blue Coupe, Mickey's Garage, and hundreds of other things!

Then today while walking from the Magic Kingdom to the Contemporary I snapped the following picture and inspiration came to me!

In this picture you can see three (well, technically four, but we're only talking about three of them) types of transportation: the monorail, the Disney bus, and off in the distance, the ferryboat. These three modes of transportation are connected in one of the greatest finds in all of Disney!

I know when most people think of Disney one of the last words to pop in their head is "free," but there are so many free things found throughout Disney and one of my favorite is the Transportation Cards! Now what is a Transportation Card? Let me explain.

To help with Guest interaction, some genius at Disney came up with an idea of making trading cards to give guests traveling by bus, monorail, or boat. This would not only allow Cast Members to interact with Guests, but also inform Guests about the form of transportation they are on.

The cards are two sided with one side featuring a picture of the transportation, a Disney character, and the name of the transportation (for instance, Mark VI Monorail).

On the reverse side you will find Disney

trivia and some fun facts about the transportation you are on. Here you'll learn the top speed of the monorail, how many Cast Members drive buses in the Walt Disney World Resort, how many lane miles of paved road there are, Mickey's first words, and much more!

There are 18 cards in the complete set (3 bus, 3 watercraft, and 12 monorails). Each card features a hidden Mickey on the main picture, the location of a Hidden Mickey in a park, information about some of your favorite Disney characters, and so much more!

So where can you find these amazing cards? Well, next time you are riding Disney transportation, make sure you ask your bus driver, monorail pilot, or ship captain for a transportation card. Not everyone carries them, but it never hurts to ask! Good luck trying to catch them all!


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