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Fun Find Friday


January 28, 2011

Location: Disney's Animal Kingdom: Discovery Island Trails

Everything at Disney has a story. Some of these stories are easy to figure out, while other ones are hidden until you find the right person that knows the story. Today I will be sharing one of my favorite untold stories in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

With Pizzafari behind you, you will find this trail across the street. This trail is one of the most overlooked sections of the park. Not only is it home to our story, but it gives you an extremely close view of The Tree of Life that most guests never get.

Before we continue down the path let me share with you a

story. Before Disney's Animal Kingdom was around this area was empty. Animals were dying, trees were scarce, and it there was practically no life anywhere.

One day, however, all of the animals found a seed on the ground. A voice from the sky let the animals know that only the strongest of them would be able to pick up the seed and plant it, thus returning life to this barren wasteland. So the mighty elephant stepped forward knowing he was surly the strongest of all the animals. When he went to pick up the seed it wouldn't budge. All of the other animals laughed at his weakness.

The gorilla, knowing he was stronger than the elephant, stepped forward and attempted to pick up the seed with no success as well. Throughout the day one animal after another attempted to bring life back to the area, but no one could succeed. The kangaroos, hippos, toucans, rhinos, bears, tigers, and more all failed.

Then from out of the crowd one animal stepped forward asking the others if he could have a try. The other animals looked at him and laughed, each knowing they were much stronger than this puny little animal. The animal looked at the seed and picked it up with no effort. The animals all stood quiet while they watched this little creature plant the seed into the ground.

All of a sudden the emptiness that was in the area began to disappear. Streams began to flow, trees and bushes began to rise from the ground, and then, in the spot where the animal had planted the seed, a giant transformation began to occur. One tree grew larger and larger until it towered over the animals. When the tree finished growing, the bark began to transform into shapes.

An elephant appeared. Then a gorilla. There was a giraffe, koala bear, fish, spider, and so much more. The area had changed forever. It was no longer a barren wasteland, but a place for new life that centered around this new tree: The Tree of Life.

When the tree seemed to be complete, the animals noticed that the strongest animal of them all wasn't present and then, right before their eyes, it became the final piece of the puzzle.

Now, I know that was a long detour from where we began this story. If you remember, at the start I said you should walk down this path. About fifty yards in you'll find these benches:
If you look behind the bench that is further back you will find several small holes on the root of the Tree of Life. Take a look through these holes to find the strongest animal of them all....
...the mighty ant.


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