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Fun Find Friday

May 1, 2015

Location: Discovery Island, Disney's Animal Kingdom

I've spent hours staring at the Tree of Life and almost every time I look at it I find an animal I never realized was there before. Yesterday while visiting the park with some friends, one asked me what my favorite animal was that most people overlooked. The answer to that is very easy for me to answer. It's hidden in the following picture:

Tree of Life

Do you see it? While several of the animals found on the Tree of Life can be found after some observation, one animal, in fact, the longest animal on the Tree of Life, is hidden in plain view. Take a look at the branches found on the tree. While the majority of them are the same shade of brown all the way through, one of them is the darker shade of brown found on the majority of the branches on the top half of the branch, while the bottom portion is lighter. If you follow the branch to the trunk of the tree, you can see that it connects to a large hole with two short branches sticking out. That's right! This branch is actually the trunk of a mighty elephant!

Tree of Life

Now that's what I call trunk space!


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