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Fun Find Friday

November 14, 2014

Location: Main Street USA, Disneyland

Most Disney fans know that in addition to having his own house, Walt Disney had an apartment above the firehouse on Main Street, USA. Here he would look over his park and hop in from time to time to enjoy the park with family and friends from time to time.

There was an addition to the apartment that had to be changed after Disney fans realized that Walt Disney himself lived on the second floor of the train station and guests can see the remainder of the original apartment on the first floor of the train station to this day!

Main Street Firehouse

As you can see from the picture above, the first floor of the train station looks just like a turn of the century firehouse most likely looks like. A Simple fire engine, tools, and of course, a fire pole in the back corner.

This fire pole, however, used to go directly into Walt's apartment. Whenever Walt would feel the urge, he could ride down the pole and instantly be in the park. Eventually, guests discovered that this was a gateway to Walt's apartment and they would begin to shimmy up the pole and into the apartment! It was decided to close up the entrance into the apartment from this ground position, and to this day you can see that the pole goes to pretty much nowhere at all:

Main Street firestation



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