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Fun Find Friday

May 26, 2017

Location: Winter, Disney's Winter Summerland Miniature Golf

The Winter Summerland Miniature golf course and Blizzard Beach have always gone hand in hand with one another. And due to the fact that Blizzard Beach is a water park, it only makes sense that their would be some sort of extended relation between Winter Summerland and Typhoon Lagoon. The relationship between the two takes a unique turn on hole 16 on the Winter side.

Disney's Winter Summerland

Just last year at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, guests had the opportunity to swim with sharks in a shark reef. If you take a look at the mantel on the chimney you can find a sign:

Winter Summerland
"Going snorkeling at Shark Reef. Be back soon... I hope. "Santa Jaws"

Obviously this reference doesn't exactly work anymore with the closure of the Shark Reef, but hopefully the sign will stay for years to come as a nice tribute to the former Typhoon Lagoon attraction!



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