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December 17, 2013

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights: Pap's Dream Figures, Toy Sets and Play Sets for Disney Infinity

I realize that this is the third time in a row I talk about Disney Infinity, and the second time I focus on what I want to see in a Disney game, rather than talk about the virtues of an existing title. But with December being the month of hopeful wishes, dreams made real and faith for the best in everyone, can you blame me for being a dreamer as of late? And Disney Infinity is such an expansive title that there are a lot of things to talk about it, to the point where websites, podcasts and even magazines have been created to discuss all things Disney Infinity. Plus... I asked Santa Claus for Disney Infinity... don't judge me. With all of that out of the way, today's article will be about the dream figures, toy sets and play sets I want to see in either future updates to the current game, or a sequel. As always, these are dreams, not predictions of what we can expect.

Disney Infinity

Even if Disney Infinity has received high praise from many a gaming outlet, many fans and reviewers have noted that Disney Infinity has been focused on current Disney and Pixar properties. The Monsters University and Lone Ranger play sets could be seen as marketing extensions of those films, while the Cars and Toy Story play sets capitalize on the modern relevance of the characters and films. The practice is understandable as this is Disney making sure their newer efforts (such as Frozen), stay fresh in the mind of the average consumer. Disney Infinity is also a very costly investment on behalf of the consumer, and thus it needs to appeal to the current generation of Disney fans. Yet there has been a desire for Disney Infinity to focus more on the older, more classic franchises outside of just cameos, items and power discs. In addition, fans are concerned that with the possibility of figures and sets based on Star Wars and Marvel, the chances of the older, actual Disney properties appearing in the game diminish.

The following are the figures and sets I hope to see implemented in Disney Infinity in some way, shape of form. These will range from modern Disney and Pixar properties to older, cherished franchises, all so there is variety and fairness in the characters and worlds that should appear in the game.

Disney's Aladdin Play Set


Figures: Aladdin and Jasmine

Description: Welcome to Agrabah... city of mystery and enchantment. I confess that the main reason I want to see Aladdin represented in the game is because I love the film, and out of most of the films in the animated canon, Aladdin is also one of the most action packed. Aladdin's acrobatics and exotic locales could translate well into play sets where you partake in different missions, such as avoiding the guards, finding treasure in a cave, avoiding obstacles and flying around on the magic carpet. For the second character, Jasmine would be a great choice. The television series showed that Jasmine can be just as agile and quick on her mind as Aladdin himself. Not only that, it would add another female character to the roster, and Jasmine would join fellow princesses Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa and Vanellope. My dream power disc, though, would have to be magic carpet, if only because it would fulfill my dream of recreating 'A whole new world' in some way, shape or form.

Disney's Peter Pan Play Set

Peter Pan

Figures: Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook

Description: Much like Aladdin, Peter Pan is a film that has fantastic locales and many action sequences that can translate into playable levels in Disney Infinity. A potential issue, though, is that the Pirates of the Caribbean play set is also a high seas pirate adventure, so the Captain Hook angle could appear as being redundant. Yet, Neverland is rich in amazing places that they can cover over areas. Missions could span all of Neverland, from the Mermaid Lagoon to Skull Rock. A Captain Hook figure would also be great because you can have a battle between Captain Jack Sparrow and him on the toy box. The possibilities are endless in Neverland.

Tinker Bell/Pixie Hollow Play Set

Tinker Bell

Figures: Tinker Bell and friends

Description: If Neverland proves to be too similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean play set, a nice alternative could be Pixie Hollow, based on the Tinker Bell franchise. Flight and magic lead the way in terms of gameplay, and which such a wide variety of characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities, a lot of creativity could be unleashed on Disney Infinity. A Pixie Hollow play set could also alleviate the issue of Disney Infinity focusing too much on boy centric characters and settings, allowing female fans to play as even more female characters. Or hey, have boys also take flight with Tinker Bell and friends. Long story short, Tinker Bell is awesome regardless of what gender you are!

Alice in Wonderland Play Set

Alice in Wonderland

Figures: Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, The Queen of Hearts

Description: Yes, Alice in Wonderland is already represented through various elements such as power discs that adorn the skies of the toy boxes with motifs to the 1951 film, as well as weapons modeled after the Queen of Hearts' flamingo croquet sticks. Yet I feel it isn't enough for a film that I believe is brimming with creative potential. Even if Disney Infinity is mostly known for its action and frenetic missions, the Wonderland play set could introduce gameplay ideas that differ from the norm. It could be exploration based along with puzzle solving. Or some light battle elements could be introduced. The point is that Wonderland is just begging for a fantastic representation in a Disney game, and Disney Infinity could be the one to fully give us the digital Wonderland we have desired.

TRON Play Set


Figures: TRON, Kevin Flynn, Quorra, Clu

Description: What do the play sets I mentioned before and TRON have in common? That they are already in Disney Infinity, though not as playable worlds but as power discs that translate into locales, abilities and aesthetic choices for the Toy Box. It is a shame as all of these, especially TRON, have the potential of creating visually pleasing and creative, gameplay wise, worlds. TRON in particular would bring the digital realm to the world of Disney Infinity, with the characters from the film series being able to race in light cycles, do battle against digital bad guys and more. Plus with TRON's very cool visual design, it would allow for players to create a beautifully creative toy box under the TRON motif.

Dream Figures

With the dream play sets out of the way, now it is time to focus on the figures. These are characters I want to see in the game as figures that you can use in Toy Box mode, and come from various films and shorts that not necessarily lend themselves to action packed worlds, or are not well known enough to warrant a whole world based on their stories.

The Beast (Beauty and the Beast)


His story, while filled with action and comedy, it mostly on the dramatic/romantic scale, and lacks the locales that would make for a fantastic play set. However, Beast himself is a power house that can be great to play as in the Toy Box mode. Disney Infinity is lacking when it comes to big, power based characters, with Wreck-It Ralph the only character that best fits the mold.

Lewis and Wilbur (Meet the Robinsons)

Meet the Robinsons

Actually, Meet the Robinsons is a movie that would make a prime candidate for Play Set status as it features a lot of creative vehicles, emphasis on construction and a literally bubbly visual design that would fit well with the rest of the game worlds. However, the film is at best remembered as a cult classic rather than a giant Disney hit, so the chances of both a play set or figures based on the film are very small at best. There is a reason why this is called a DREAM list, after all...

Steamboat Willie Mickey (Steamboat Willie)

Steamboat Willie

Mickey Mouse is already in Disney Infinity in his Sorcerer's Apprentice form, but I think having the endearing Steamboat Willie Mickey would be a great tribute to the fact that it was all started by a mouse. Plus, his black and white appearance would give way for toy boxes with a classic black and white look and feel to the. And speaking of classic cartoons...

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

In the past article, I said that Oswald should appear in Kingdom Hearts III as a summon. I think they should make a figure of him for Disney Infinity as well. Simply put, he needs to appear more as part of the Disney family. The sad matter of the situation is that with the closing of Junction Point, Oswald's own game series, Epic Mickey, has ended after three games. Considering that most Disney fans remember him through that series, it would be a shame if his legacy ended with that game series. Disney Infinity is a great platform for him to continue his legacy, and help him reach an even wider audience so he doesn't become an obscure part of Disney history.


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