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October 16, 2012

Pap the Disney Gamer's Highlights: Wreck-It-Ralph Trailer and TV Spot Analysis Part 2

With Wreck-It-Ralph about to open in just a few weeks, Disney has been advertising the film to the best of their powers. From new merchandise items arriving in stores to new pieces of information regarding the film, fans are growing excited to see what promises to be one of the most unique films in the Disney animated canon. Several new trailers and TV spots have been released, each one showcasing new footage and references that some people may miss out on. Just like we did this past June, we are going to be taking a closer look at these new trailers and TV spots.

Before we begin, though, here are the videos for you to watch:

Second Trailer

Game Changer TV Spot

1982 Litwak's Arcade TV 'Commercial'

Let's start with the second trailer. While some of the footage and concept remains similar to the first trailer, some new scenes and references highlight the potential Wreck-It-Ralph exhibits. At 20 seconds in, we see Ralph crash a party the Nicelanders were holding in honor of Fix-It-Felix Jr.'s achievements. Due to Ralph's size, he accidentally hits the ceiling, part of it breaking of and hitting Felix. This displays an amusing joke regarding how video game characters 'die.' Rather than being permanently dead, they just regenerate in the same spot. Felix's death animation also happens to be a nod to Mario's death animation in the Nintendo arcade game Donkey Kong (which Wreck-It-Ralph pays heavy nods to). You may have also noticed that the animation on the characters seems to be lacking additional frames. That is intentional. Since these characters are supposed to be 2D sprites from a classic arcade game, their animation reflects the limited resources game developers had back in the day. It adds a lot of fun charm to the characters and their worlds.

Afterwards, the trailer just repeats scenes from the previously released trailer. At 46 seconds, we get an expanded look at Game Central Station, the place video game characters go to in order to visit their games. In this scene, we see some video game characters flee at the sight of Ralph. In this scene we see Frogger, the highway crossing frog from the arcade game of the same name. We then see the main character from Namco's Dig-Dug, who digs himself in order to avoid Ralph. The other two cherub characters may be new to the movie. This brief scene represents the problem Ralph and his video game colleagues have: that when you are labeled as a bad guy, you will be treated as such.

Just a few moments after that scene, we see Ralph walk by an animated poster featuring a very famous video game character: Sonic the Hedgehog! It has been confirmed that the Blue Blur will be making an appearance in the film, though in what manner remains to be unknown. It should be noted that one of the reasons Sonic is in the film is because Ralph is going to be a playable character in Sega's upcoming gamer Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed! Ralph makes history as the first Disney character to appear as a playable character in a major third party game.

Once the scene is over, the trailer focuses on Hero's Duty and Sugar Rush. To learn more about these games and their significance to the story, check out the analysis I did for the first trailer here. We do, however, get a massive piece of information at 1:21. When Ralph disappears from his own game, the arcade owner labels the game as being damaged, therefore unplugging the game. In Wreck-It-Ralph, when an arcade game is unplugged, the characters will be without a home or a reason of being (which is what happened to Q*Bert and his buddies). This causes the Nicelanders to panic, and may soon realize that Ralph was more than just a bad guy in their world.

At 1:39, we have an extended version of the Bad Anon counseling session Ralph attends. This scene reminds us what the film's message will be all about: that even though we may have been born to be something in life (or programmed as is the case of Ralph), we can overcome those obstacles and be something bigger. We also see Kano's (from Mortal Kombat) first lines: 'You can't mess with the program, Ralph!'

After a few more scenes taking place in Sugar Rush and Hero's Duty, we go back to the Bad Anon session, where the characters are about to do their Bad Guy Affirmation, which goes like this...

I am bad... and that's good
I will never be good... and that's not bad
There's no one I'd rather be than me

In the scenes in between the affirmation, we see Ralph at a bar, where the bartender tells him to 'hold that thought.' The bartender is actually the main playable character from Midway's Root Beer Tapper! The trailer ends with Zangief telling Ralph 'One game at a time, Ralph...'

Now let's move onto the Game Changer TV Spot. While it remains fairly the same as both trailers, we do get more scenes at the arcade. 9 seconds in, we see a young lady proclaiming that the coast is clear. This lady is a character from a special arcade game, Dance Dancer Revolution. A staple in the arcade world, Dance Dance Revolution has made its presence felt in the Disney universe thanks to games like Disney Grooves. Then, we get a shot of the Street Fighter II arcade game. We then see Ryu and Ken leave their game.

Finally, the last video isn't a trailer, but a mock TV spot for Litwak's Arcade, the setting where Wreck-It-Ralph takes place at. The viral TV spot resembles the TV 'commercials' Pixar did for Lots-O-Huggin' Bear back during the release of Toy Story 3. The trailer even goes as far as to have a deep VHS effect for extreme authenticity in its satire.

And that, my friends, are the latest Wreck-It-Ralph trailers and TV spots. Much like last time, despite all the new footage and content a lot remains to be seen. More video game character cameos, more mayhem and a thrilling conclusion to the story await as the film is released on November 2.


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