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Saturday Matinee

Saturday Matinee #68, Taco Week!!!: "Bueno Nacho" (June 28, 2002) - published April 21, 2012

by Albert Gutierrez

This week at From Screen to Theme, we've celebrated all things Tacos. This usually meant a visit to Epcot's Mexico Pavilion or to Magic Kingdom's Tortuga Tavern. However, for two days of this Taco Week, we look to Disney Channel. Erik Anderson and Who's Who Wednesday introduced us to Kim Possible's lovable sidekick Ron Stoppable, whose favorite restaurant was Bueno Nacho. Today on Saturday Matinee, we check out the very first episode to introduce the fictional restaurant: the aptly-titled "Bueno Nacho."

"Bueno Nacho" was actually the first episode of "Kim Possible" to be produced, but was the sixth one aired overall. Watching the series, we can see it was intended to air first, since characters and situations are discussed as if this were the first time the audience heard of them. Disney Channel has been known to air episodes out of production order, so this is no surprise. As the episode begins, Kim wants to buy a Club Banana jacket, but Wade tells Kim that her bank account is dangerously low. In addition, Dr. Drakken has escaped from prison. Kim now needs to do two things: earn more money for her jacket and capture Drakken. We'll ignore the Drakken plot and just look at Kim's adventures at Bueno Nacho. She's trying to convince Ron to work with her, since they pretty much live there, but Ron advises against it: "Never work where you food!"

While Kim's filling out her job application, Ron invents his Naco: nacho chips, cheese, and taco fillings all wrapped in a flour tortilla. Bueno Nacho's assistant manager Ned ends up hiring both Kim and Ron. Ron's confused, until he realizes that Kim filled out an application for him as well. Kim and Ron begin training, with Kim struggling while Ron is flourishing. He even becomes assistant manager over former boss, Ned. It's soon apparent that Ron feels at place at Bueno Nacho. Kim realizes she can't balance saving the world with serving nachos, so she quits. Ron, however, is unsure if he should remain at Bueno Nacho or quit, too. Needless to say, since the series went on for 87 episodes, Ron ultimately decided to stay with Kim (but not after a quick showdown with Ned). Oh, and they defeated Drakken. But I'm sure he'll escape once again...

If you liked "Bueno Nacho," you should also check out Season Two's "Ron Millionaire." The episode featured Ron becoming a millionaire overnight when he receives a hefty royalties check ($99 million!) from Bueno Nacho for selling them his Naco recipe. I've always wanted to try and make my own Naco. I've made tacos plenty of times, but never thought to try to Naco-tize them. Perhaps that should be my assignment for this weekend. Getting back to "Ron Millionaire," you don't really need to watch it. The episode is not as good as "Bueno Nacho," but then again, I wasn't really a huge fan of the series overall. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed watching it, but never went out of my way to catch episodes regularly. Usually, I'd only watch if the rest of the NJ Trio were watching and I happened to be in the same room.

The first and second seasons of "Kim Possible" have been released to DVD, but only exclusively through Disney Movie Club. For some time, they were offered as rewards in Disney Movie Rewards, but those copies went out of stock quickly. The studio has yet to release seasons three and four. The first two seasons are still available through Disney Movie Club, but if digital downloads are your preferred viewing method, you can find the complete series (plus movies) on iTunes.


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