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I'd Like Mine Scrambled

The rules to this game are pretty simple. Below are ten names mixed up and you need to unscramble them to figure out what each word is. When you think you have your answer click the "Answer" button to find out if you were right!

In honor of Disney/Pixar's Brave being released this weekend this edition of I'd Like Mine Scrambled is paying homage to Pixar! John Ratzenberger has provided the voice for at least one character in each of Pixar's full length animated feature films. Listed below (in scrambled form) are Mr. Ratzenberger's ten characters. Good luck unscrambling!

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1) e l h s i f r e d a
Fish Leader (2003's Finding Nemo)
2) o m t
Tom (the construction worker from 2009's Up)
3) n i m u d n r e h e r e t
The Underminer (2004's The Incredibles)
4) m a h m
Hamm (1995's Toy Story, 1999's Toy Story 2, 2010's Toy Story 3)
5)  t u a a s m f
Mustafa (2007's Ratatouille) 
6) h j o h
John (2008's WALL-E)
7)  b m n b e n w a t e a o i a l s o m n h
The Abominable Snowman (2001's Monsters, Inc., 2013's Monsters University)
8) d g o n r o
Gordon (2012's Brave)
9) c m k a
Mack (2006's Cars, 2011's Cars 2)
10)  l t p a e f . .
P.T. Flea (1998's a bug's life)

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