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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: Reuben's (current) Favorite Thing

20 October 2013

by Reuben Gutierrez

Narrowing down my favorite Disney food is quite difficult because there is so much to choose from and I end up picking something from recent memory. To simplify this task, I'll narrow down Disney food by the categories of favorite resort, favorite park, favorite 'land', favorite dining type, and favorite menu item. With the recent food celebrations in the Disney parks at this time, this became very easy. At the Walt Disney World resort, in Epcot, in the Japan Pavilion, at a quick service location for the 2013 Food and Wine Festival, my favorite item is the Teriyaki Chicken Hand Roll.

Terriyaki Chicken Sushi

This Japanese food item is traditional Japanese sushi with an Americanized spin. With last spring's 'Fruishi' at the Flower and Garden Festival, Epcot seems to be taking the 'scary' part of sushi away (raw fish) and replacing it with more familiar 'exotic' flavors to the American palette. The Teriyaki Chicken Hand Roll seems to be bred from two popular Japanese food items. It is simply teriyaki chicken and rice, wrapped in a sushi roll. In all honesty, it's the Japanese Burrito. The filling is marinated white meat chicken; the starch edible wrap is sticky sushi rice; and the practical wrap that enables one to hold the roll with your hand is nori, the traditional seaweed wrap regularly used in sushi, which also happens to be edible.

This sushi roll is quite larger than what I was expecting. I grabbed chopsticks as I usually use them to eat sushi, but as previously stated, the roll could be picked up by hand and eaten. This food design is especially practical while strolling along World Showcase to sample the different country's flavors. Simple with the starring flavor of Teriyaki chicken, I think even the pickiest of eaters will find this hand held roll a delight.


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