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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: Culinary Cabaret (Part 4) - A Waltz through the Rooms

18 November 2012

Editor's Note: Due to the hectic schedule of helping open up a restaurant, Reuben couldn't make it here this week so I'm taking over this week's Sunday Brunch. While I don't know much about food, I do know details so let's get to it!

Just this past week I had the great honor to interview Don Hahn on the W.E.D.nesday Show! During the interview I asked him what his favorite attraction was in the Disney parks that was based off of his films. His response? Be Our Guest Restaurant. I don't blame him, the amount of detail added to this restaurant is unbelievable and truly makes guests feel like they are within the movie. Today we will be taking a look at the three dining areas and their connections to the film.

Who could ever forget the famous scene where Mrs. Potts sings Beauty and the Beast while our two lead characters dance through the extremely detailed ballroom? It is one of the highlights of the film and the ballroom is recreated here in an unbelievable way!

Guests are transported into the movie almost instantly when they walk into this grand room, but let's take a look at some of the details of the area beginning with the chandelier in the picture above. While I was there, our waitress was talking about the massiveness of all three chandeliers, but mainly the one in the center of the room. The chandelier was so large, it had to be disassembled into several pieces just to bring it into the building. It was then reassembled to be placed in the center of the room.

It's tough to miss the cherubs found on the ceiling in this room. The faces of these may seem a little old for a child's body, and you would be right! They are actually the faces of the Imagineers!

One of my favorite details found at this dining location in the restaurant is the snow fall outside. While the snow helps guests remember the snow scenes of the film, there is actually more to the snow than Disney lets on. In fact, the snow falling is the same animation used for the snow falling in the film!

Who can forget the famous scene when Belle first steps into the West Wing (which the Beast told her never to go to)? For the first time ever, we can physically go inside the West Wing. While the weather conditions here have changed to rain, the theming has once again made guests feel as if they are in the film. Upon a table in the back of the room you can find the Enchanted Rose which is welting away.

Above the fireplace a portrait of the Beast in human form can be found. Every time you hear lightning outside, the portrait transforms into the Beast in Beast form and then right back!

My favorite room of all is the Rose Room. The Rose Room is a room that is never actually seen in the film, but just in the restaurant. The centerpiece of the room is an amazing music box of Belle and the Beast.

The music box actually has a tie to Enchanted Tales with Belle. While in Maurice's cottage guests can find the blueprints for this invention of his which he has created for Belle and Beast as a wedding present!

All around the room are different portraits and tapestries of Belle, Beast, and the rest of the castle staff:

In addition to the details you can see, there are details guests can't see while going through the restaurant. For instance, all three rooms play different music from the film at the same time (so if Human Again is playing in the Ballroom, the other two will be playing the same song on the same note), but each room plays the music in a different tone of music. While in the Ballroom it sounds like an orchestra playing, while the Rose Room's music appears to be coming out of the music box (in a very music box like tone) and the West Wing features songs in a more melancholy way.

In addition to the music, I was told that there are sprinklers in case of a fire found within the entire restaurant, but to keep with the theme that you are in an old castle which wouldn't have sprinklers, all of the sprinkler systems are hidden from guests view!

These are just a few of the details found throughout Be Our Guest Restaurant. The restaurant begins it's soft opening seating on November 19 so if you want to dine here, make sure to book your reservations far in advance! Until next time, thank you for being our guest!




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