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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: Beaches and Cream, Hold the Ice Cream

15 December 2013

by Reuben Gutierrez

As many Disney fans know, ice cream lovers must stop at Beaches in Cream in the Beach Club Resort whilst visiting Walt Disney World. Part of the Epcot Resort Area on Crescent Lake, the Beach Club houses a tiny little soda shop famous for their not so tiny ice cream sundaes and treats. Many of my friends have been here countless times and enjoyed a particular 'Kitchen Sink,' but unfortunately I am in the minority. Even before I learned of my lactose intolerance, my primary choice of dessert was never ice cream (which I've discussed here), so what's a poor unfortunate soul to do in the place in Disney to get ice cream? Eat of course!

Beaches and Cream menu
photo courtesy of Alexandra M.

With the word-of-mouth reviews and sweet smells (as opposed to spells) of ice cream fill the air, Guests may easily overlook that the soda shop is actually a fully functioning soda shop. One wall is lined with booths, the other with the open kitchen and an L shaped counter. A small scattering of white metal tables and chairs fills the middle of the shop. With the servers dressed in bright 1950s era diner costumes and the tiny little establishment painted with every color of the nursery room rainbow, Beaches and Cream is a seashore postcard. The vibrant, classic juke box plays tunes from the times of famous music makers like the Fontane Sisters, Elvis Presley, and Bill Haley and the Comets. A small, though full menu offers several entrees as well as sides to share; and share you should because they are huge.

Beaches and Cream menu
New(ish) menu, photo courtesy of Alexandra M.

One particular evening after a day at Orlando's other theme park, we closed the day with some good times and good food. During my first visit to the soda shop, I had eagerly devoured a cheesesteak, but this time around, it was missing from the menu. With the sudden challenge to order something, I was torn between a burger and the pot roast sandwich. Our server said both are really good but many people come back for the burger, so of course I knew I'd have to try that! Disney's efforts for healthy eating allowed me the opportunity to opt for fruit over fries. To my surprise, the fruit was a bowl of delicious, juicy watermelon cubes and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

Beaches and Cream burger
A side of onion rings is more like a platter. The burgers comes fresh and juicy with all the trimmings!

Beaches and Cream's sandwiches are all served on fresh bread, made in house at Yacht and Beach Club Resorts' bakery. Baked on premises goods are sometimes an underappreciated aspect of dining out (not including bakeries). Back home in New Jersey, I used to get burgers from a place that also baked their buns fresh. One whiff of my burger here in Florida and I was back home up North. Nostalgia is one of food's best flavors.

Grilled Banana Bread and Peanut Butter

For dessert, only one thing caught my eye: Grilled Banana Bread and Peanut Butter. The warm fresh banana bread was moist with real banana flavor and covered with chocolate sauce, a handful of nuts, caramelized bananas, and a scoop of specially requested Vanilla Tofutti. Now that I'm writing this review, I don't recall having peanut butter on it at all. If it was there, it was undetectable or forgettable. With Peanut Butter in the name, it would be nice to actually have it. Still the amazing banana bread was terrific enough to forget the peanut butter entirely, an outcome that most likely resulted that night.

Beaches and Cream caters guests with a wealth of ice cream, but also provides something for those who will not or cannot have it. With a handful of choices for plenty of guests, the little soda shop doesn't just serve soda and food. It serves a bowl full of yesteryear for people with a taste for nostalgia.


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