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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: Board Walk Bakery's New Daily Special

by Reuben Gutierrez

26 May 2013

The Board Walk Bakery is quickly returning to its original slot in my list of top Disney quick service restaurants. The expanded menu invites hungry guests and locals to try all that is new and probably my new favorite is something that changes and rotates every day: the Quiche of the Day.

New Boardwalk Bakery in Disney World
Daily Specials pair the Quiche of the Day with soup or salad

My love affair with quiche dates back to my college days, when I worked in the Food Sensory Lab at Rutgers University. We did several food studies in the lab and for one of them we served quiche. The scientist whose lab I was working in, Dr. Tepper, was studying taste genetics and searching for connections between obesity and sensitivities to bitter foods (she reached some interesting conclusions!). For those interested I tested as a 'supertaster' being particularly sensitive to bitter foods like broccoli and spinach (see Mom, I was genetically predisposed to being a picky eater). One day we offered quiche, a particularly savory and fatty dish, in the 'buffet' we simulated in the lab. That day we of course had to sample it for quality control purposes and it was honest to goodness my first time ever having quiche. I don't know why this amazing egg, cheese, and (fill in random amazing ingredients) baked in a flaky pie crust had escaped me for twenty some years of my life. One spoonful of that Quiche Florentine (quiche with Spinach, ironic I loved it being that I'm a supertaster) was definitely love at first bite.

Since that most joyous day, I've sampled many a quiche ranging from okay to excellent. While I've yet to encounter a terrible quiche, I've run into many just satisfactory quiches. Unfortunately at Disney World I seem to do this a lot. The France Bakery has some okay quiche, curious since France is the most well-known for serving quiche, despite its Germanic origins. Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom serves an excellent vegetable quiche during their lunch service, though still it does not compare to the best quiche I ever had. This brings us to the Quiche of the Day at the Board Walk Bakery.

Quiche at Boardwalk Bakery
Quiche of the Day on Display. The surrounding ingredients around
the display quiche indicate what's inside

The great thing about the new bakery at Board Walk is they now have a small oven (pictured above) for warming up foods. In my opinion, quiche should always be served warm as temperature plays a big role in how food tastes (as discussed in my review of Lefou's Brew).

This particular day, the quiche was made with cheese, ham, scallions, and sweet potatoes. The meat and potatoes spin on this quiche was the first I ever encountered so I was eager to try it.

Quiche Boardwalk Bakery Disney

With fork in hand I dug in and took a great big bite of egg and sweet potatoes. Not bad, though I would like to try it all together. I kept digging and digging and eventually managed a fork full of every flavor. An interesting combination, this quiche was satisfying and filling. Despite its personal (a.k.a. small) size, I got a lot out of it and it fueled me for the work afternoon ahead. With that being said, I think a deeper dish pie shell would be better for this quiche not just in adding to size, but enhancing the overall product further. Being so low, only so much of the quiche custard and filling could be poured into the shell, so the cubed and chopped ingredients floated into almost a single layer. I may just have received a dud, but the sweet potato gathered on one side and the ham and scallions on the other. Mind you, the quiche was still delicious and satisfying, just it was sectioned off and took some manipulating to get all the flavors in one bite. Perhaps each ingredient could be diced even smaller to ensure a more uniform product.

I hold my quiche to high standards, so I may be a little unfair in my review of them, but nevertheless I always enjoy it no matter what. I really love that the Board Walk Bakery has not only added a quiche to the menu, but apparently there is a daily rotating menu of quiches. I look forward to trying all of them and hopefully enjoying all of its flavors in a single bite. Even if I don't see them, I'll know they're all there or missing. Nice to know being a supertaster is good for something.


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