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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies: Crispy Cornflake French Toast

23 September 2012

Author's note: The 'Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies' edition of Sunday Brunch explores a single item in WDW. Rather than dedicate a post to one whole restaurant, we'll be taking a quick and critical look at some delicious Disney treats and dining individually.

Wolfgang Puck Express at the Downtown Disney Marketplace features the fantastic modern cuisine from the world renowned chef the restaurant is named after. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Wolfgang Puck Express is a great place for a chance to enjoy gourmet food in a quick minute. Just as the lunch and dinner menu offers are unique, Wolfgang Puck takes on gourmet brick oven pizzas and pasta dishes, the breakfast menu also features gourmet items. Unfortunately, most guests miss out on the terrific breakfast offered here as Downtown Disney is not a typical early morning destination when the resort hotels and parks offer the more popular breakfast buffets and character meals.

Now that I've been here a little over a year, I am kicking myself for not trying breakfast here sooner. Traditional breakfast items have been dressed up and reconstructed for a unique, yet still familiar taste. One such item is the Crispy Cornflake French Toast. When I finally had the chance to try this place for breakfast, there was no question, I had to order this concoction of traditional French toast dressed with another breakfast treat of cornflakes. Served with seasonal fruits, the French toast arrived in an impressive presentation: three slices of the toast with a scattering of fresh strawberries and banana, and a well of syrup.

The French Toast is actually three bagel slices coated in a sweet cornflake coating. Fried and drowning in cinnamon and sugar, the toast lived up to its name as quite crunchy. The cinnamon and sugar added an appropriate amount of sweetness, rendering the syrup unnecessary, though appreciated for its presence nonetheless. Enjoying the delicious crunch of the cereal with the base of a fried, bagel, I found this breakfast feast a great way to turn regular breakfast items into something special. Its only flaw was that the cornflake coating was a bit excessive. Also if you let the toast get too cold, it tended to crumble and fall apart. Still with something that delicious, there's no time to let it get cold! The fruit helped break up the sweetness a bit with the astringency of the strawberries and wholesomeness of the bananas. Also, with three slices of bagel, the portion size was just right and very filling! I highly recommend trying breakfast at Wolfgang Puck Express. It is well worth the early morning rise and journey to Downtown Disney.


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