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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies: Holidays with and to Earl of Sandwich!
9 October 2011

This just in! In my most recent trip to Earl I discovered two bits of amazing news regarding every Disney theme park fans favorite sandwich shop! First, we'll get the deliciousness down to get you ready for the second bit of news as many readers around the world may not have to kick themselves for making themselves hungry for reading this at home.

Now offered for the autumn and upcoming holiday season, the Earl of Sandwich offers a limited edition sandwich special: the Holiday Turkey sandwich. I am a sucker for Thanksgiving food; back in college, I lived for the days my dining hall would randomly offer evenings of thanksgiving-esque food, loading my plate full of Turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Imagine my surprise and delight to see not only was Earl of Sandwich offering a new menu item, it was made up of some of my favorite foods of all time. Just in time for Canada's Thanksgiving, Earl offers a special version of their Turkey sandwich: hot, fresh slices of Turkey, with stuffing, zesty cranberry sauce, seasoned mayonnaise, and warm gravy. It's the American Thanksgiving and the British Immigrants first feast all in one sandwich.

As a limited offering sandwich, The Holiday Sandwich uses a 'Today's Special' sticker

I know, it sounds a bit alarming as each ingredient is typically enjoyed separately at the Thanksgiving dinner table, but I must say it probably knocks the Hawaiian BBQ off the top of my favorite Earl of Sandwich sandwiches list. This sandwich is a tantalizing concoction of all my favorites. The herb seasoned stuffing and mayonnaise compliment the sweet, tangy cranberry sauce. Another great factor of this sandwich is a part of eating many tend to overlook: the temperature. Earl is so famous for its sandwiches because they come hot right out of the oven, and with the Holiday sandwich especially, the warm roasted turkey and gravy help create the toasty, homey feeling of a Thanksgiving or even Christmas dinner in every bite. Needless to say, I was quite satisfied with this special sandwich and though it was sad to see mashed potatoes missing from this feast, in retrospect its inclusion would have been a poor choice. So if you're lucky enough to get to Downtown Disney this autumn season, make sure to grab Earl's special Holiday sandwich!

For most of the world, many are not lucky enough to make weekly trips to Earl of Sandwich as for the past several years, only those in London, New York City, Las Vegas and Walt Disney World had this ability. That list is soon ready to change and many people around the country will be happy to hear that the Earl of Sandwich franchise is slowly making its way around the nation! New table tents (the little plastic things with ads at fast food places) at the restaurant advertised the latest offerings such as the Holiday Sandwich and the new Ice Cream sandwiches, but the best one was the list of Earl of Sandwich locations!


Earl has been popping up in airports terminals across the country as well as shopping centers and cities. Current Airport locations include one in the Midwest (Detroit Metro Airport), and three on the East Coast (Boston Logan International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport). Florida locations include the Downtown Disney Marketplace, International Plaza, and Bay Street (Tampa), The Mall at Wellington Green (Wellington), and Fort Drum Service Plaza (Florida's Turnpike). In Nevada there is one at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. New York City has an Earl of Sandwich at 1290 6th Avenue. Texas is lucky to have 4 within the state in Blanco, San Antonio; DeZavala, San Antonio; Park North, San Antonio, and The Shoppes at First Colony, Sugar Land. Disneyland Village in Paris just opened an Earl and of course there is the original in Ludgate Hill, London.

The best news was that more locations are opening soon, proving that the Earl of Sandwich franchise is truly taking off, and why wouldn't it? They created the sandwich! Florida will be opening a new location in the Town Center at Boca Raton. In the North East, NYC gets another location at 90 John Street, and Boston gets its first Earl at the Boston Commons. The best of all is for my fellow New Jerseyans as NJ gets its second Earl of Sandwich location (first was in the Newark airport) at Atlantic City! Atlantic City (or AC as we call it) has been seeing a resurgence as a vacation destination this past decade with new outlet malls, revamped and remodeled casino resorts, and an overall clean up of the area, Earl of Sandwich is truly the perfect addition as the former seashore hot spot returns to its former glory.

So there you have it! Hopefully an Earl of Sandwich will make it to a shopping center, tourist destination, or major city near you as new restaurants open to delight the sandwich crowds across the country. Jared, Ronald, Wendy and friends better watch out; the British are coming!


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