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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies: Taco Feista of Fools

15 April 2012

Author's note: It's been a while since I've had a 'Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies.' This edition of Sunday Brunch explores a single item in WDW. Rather than dedicate a post to one whole restaurant, we'll be taking a quick and critical look at some delicious Disney treats and dining individually.

An unofficial National Holiday opened up this month and thanks to this festive day for fools, I will forever associate April with today's topic: tacos. We can all thank Brent Dodge and his March 31st article for that. Tacos are available in multiple places around Walt Disney World. Seasonally, you can find Tacos at Tortuga Tavern. Annually, they are available at the Pepper Market in Coronado Springs and the dining locations in the Mexico Pavilion of Epcot. The quick-service La Cantina de San Angel was recently renovated in 2010 and is probably the easiest way to get Tacos in Epcot. With this makeover, the menu had also been changed. Executive Chef Ernesto Zendejas stated that they wanted to offer more authentic Mexican tacos akin to what you would find in a Mexican market and less of the 'Tex-Mex' type of food Americans find in fast food chains all over the country.

La Cantina de San Angel offers two types of tacos: either beef or chicken. I have had the chicken tacos in the past, and as Chef Ernesto had said, they are probably the most authentic and freshest tacos I'd ever had. The focus on the tacos is the seasoned, grilled meat, balanced with the corn tortilla made fresh daily. Most tacos I've had in the past are loaded with all the garnishes of lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, you name it, with just a smackerel of the meat filling. At La Cantina the beef or chicken is the star. Each basket comes with three tacos in a soft corn tortilla with a lime wedge for additional flavor, and a handful of colorful and crunchy tortilla chips, hot and fresh with a sprinkling of salt. A small cup of pico de gallo accompanies the platter to garnish and not drown the tacos or to scoop up with the tortilla chips. At the condiment bar, guests can also find two types of salsa, spicy and mild, made from chipotle and Serrano peppers, tomatillos, and mangoes.

With most editions of Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies, I try to be as critical as I can, and this time, I'm finding it difficult as Chef Ernesto truly offers an authentic Mexican taco meal of high quality for a quick service location. I have never been to Mexico so I do not know if they are exactly the same, but compared to the 'Tex-Mex' tacos I've had, these tacos are the new standard. The chef's effort for freshness truly shows in the visual presentation, food quality and flavors of the tacos. At first look, I did feel like the tacos seemed a bit meager and smaller than expected. Though after finishing every bite offered (as you should!), you feel as stuffed as a Pinata.


Brandon, Pam. 'Update on La Hacienda de San Angel at Epcot' 20 August 2010. Disney Parks Blog.


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