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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch at Captain Cook's: My First Tonga Toast
August 7, 2011

Back on March 27th, Sunday Brunch brought a slice of the South Seas to you with the recipe for Tonga Toast. Now that I am living in Walt Disney World, I am happy to bring you a justified review of the actual Tonga Toast, now that I have sampled the real thing! This popular Polynesian Breakfast treat is served at the Kona Cafe and one of the resort's best quick service locations, Captain Cook's. Captain Cook's, also known as Captain Cook's Snack Company started as a small counter-service restaurant with outdoor and limited indoor seating. The restaurant was most likely named for British explorer and navy officer, Captain James Cook, famous for being the first European to make contact with inhabitants in the Pacific Ocean, notably the Hawaiian Islands and Australia.


This newer section of indoor seating, enjoyed by a lovely group of Canadians in the foreground, took the place of one of the old shops

Enjoy a meal out in the shady tropical setting of the Polynesian Resort

Meals included breakfast, lunch, and dinner, though food had to be transported down from the upstairs kitchen for Kona Cafe. Long rumored renovations for Captain Cook's finally came to fruition with the resort's most major and extensive renovation in 2006. Additions came in many ways: an exclusive kitchen just for Captain Cook's, additional indoor seating and, to many guests' delight, two famous Walt Disney World menu items: Dole Whips and Tonga Toast. Previously you could only get the former at Aloha Isle in Adventureland, Magic Kingdom and the latter at the upstairs restaurant Kona Cafe. For Dole Whip fans, this is the place to get the delicious frozen, creamy, pineapple treat since you dispense the dole whip yourself. As in Aloha Isle, you can also get Vanilla Dole Whip, Pineapple Dole Whip, or a twist of both!

That's right, it's a SELF SERVE Dole Whip dispenser
Image from

If you don't want to fill your family up with Dole Whips for breakfast (but honestly, who wouldn't?), there are other traditional breakfast goodies available: the Bounty platter (eggs, potatoes, sausage, bacon and French Toast sticks), Mickey Shaped Waffles, Croissant Breakfast sandwich (scrambled eggs, bacon, and cheddar cheese), Tonga Toast(!), and kid portion sized breakfast options. Fresh pastries are also available including cinnamon rolls, yogurt parfaits, and Danish.

The Display Case is filled to the brim with Breakfast Pastries

One of the coolest things about Captain Cook's is its ordering system. New high tech touch screen ordering terminals, which I've also seen at Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn in Frontierland and Contempo Cafe in the Contemporary Resort, allow guests to go through a virtual menu. The terminal is extremely user friendly and allows for easy selection and removal of items with a total cost display to help you monitor your spending! After ordering, you receive a ticket and proceed to the cashier to pay for your meal. After payment, you receive a buzzer to let you know when your order is ready for pick up at the counter.

Hidden Mickey Monday writer Alex M demonstrates the ordering terminal

Each menu item is pictured for those who cannot yet read!

Tonga Toast, with Bacon?! Don't mind if I do!

The pick-up counter is also next to the self-serve pastry case

For those who have not had the fortune of enjoying the famous breakfast, Tonga Toast is a banana-stuffed Sourdough bread battered and deep-fried. The sourdough is thickly sliced and it seems as though you are getting half a loaf of bread! My first bite of Tonga Toast was extremely hot. I was so eager to try it, I should have let the freshly fried toast cool a little. After burning my mouth, I let it cool down and enjoyed the delicious crispy, cinnamon encrusted toast with a warm and fluffy middle. After a few more bites, I received the nice surprise of a warm chunk of cinnamon infused banana. Warm syrup (though the dispensers were not working that day) is also available to enjoy with your breakfast, though with this sweet Tonga Toast, it was not really needed. The meal was delicious to the very last bite and I could now easily understand why this dish had been so popular since its inception with resort opening.

My first Tonga Toast was a success for my stomach!

Captain Cook's is a great way to get a Polynesian dining experience right in Walt Disney World without having to dip deep into your pockets for Kona Cafe or Ohana's. Not only is Tonga Toast offered for breakfast, the lunch and dinner menu offers some South Seas influences on traditional American quick foods. For example, the Aloha Pork Sandwich is made of BBQ pulled pork with a pineapple cole slaw, cheddar cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes on a warm pineapple-coconut hoagie roll. Readers can expect to see that on a future Sunday Brunch! Until then, aloha and mahalo for joining me on my first experience with Tonga Toast.

 - The Unofficial Polynesian Resort Pages. Site by Turkmandu


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