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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: The First French Toast

by Brent Dodge

June 9, 2013

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a very competitive person. Sometimes the competition is big like my team's victory on the D23 Scavenger Hunt to something personal like my family's annual badminton tournament. Then there are things that are quite ridiculous that make most people look at me and say, "Really?" Today we are going to talk about one of those really moments.

Just a little over a year ago Disney's Art of Animation Resort opened to the public with the Finding Nemo section. Always wanting to be one of the first to experience new things in Disney, I was there bright and early for the press event excited to see the opening of this amazing new resort. After the opening ceremony finished and after having an Imagineer claim me as the first guest to slide down the slide in the Finding Nemo play area (there's a random record), I headed over to Landscape of Flavor.

Landscape of Flavor

I was surprised to find out I was one of the first guests in the food court. Being early morning, and being a huge fan of French Toast, I decided to order some French Toast, which was made on this crazy circular cooker which I have no idea what it's called (I'm a Fun Finder not a Sunday Bruncher). After ordering my food the Cast Member behind the counter got overly excited as he deemed me the first guest ever to order French Toast from Disney's Art of Animation Resort!

Weird cooking thing at Art of Animation

I know, pretty cool, right? Here I was winning an honor that I never knew I wanted, but after getting it I realized it was one of the greatest bragging rights ever. So how was it? In all honesty, it was the best French Toast I've ever had. It may have been because they had to actually turn on the grill to cook it, resulting in me waiting for ten minutes for it to be complete. It may have been the over excitement of being at the opening of the resort, being the first guest to go down the slide, and rewarding myself with a delicious meal.

But in reality, I think it was because that morning I was given the opportunity to eat a little piece of heaven, in French Toast form. The taste, the syrup, the butter, and the ginormous (that's right, it was THAT big) bread all together made an experience that will never be matched again. That is, until a new resort opens up. But until then, I give you a picture of the first French Toast ever purchased by a guest at Disney's Art of Animation Resort:

First French Toast ever served at Disney's Art of Animation Resort


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