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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Munchies and Crunchies: Funday Brunch Bar!

January 8, 2012

One of the best deals about being a Disney cast member are the discount benefits. Though it does not apply to all food locations at the resort, it does apply to all merchandise locations, and luckily a good majority of these merchandise locations sell food! One day in Animal Kingdom, I was hungry for a snack. The popcorn, nut, and sweet and sour chicken nugget wagons did not count for our discount, so I sadly decided to leave hungry until we stopped at Island Mercantile to trade vinylmations like was always do.

While our very own Brent Dodge was haggling for some Muppet vinylmations, I spied some candy bars by the register. Anyone in retail knows that they stock little things by the cash register as 'impulse buys' that catch your eye while you wait in line or wait to pay or wait period. I was waiting and I had an impulse to buy a candy bar, especially because I got discount! I don't remember how much I paid but it was cheap for Disney.

The candy bars were made by the local candy factory Goofy's Candy Company. There were many different candy bars to choose from, including: Mickey's Milk Chocolate Bar, Dark Chocolate Bar, Crispy milk Chocolate Bar, Milk Chocolate Almond Bar, and one that didn't match the others: Mickey Fun Bar. It was labeled to have Rich Milk Chocolate and used enticing adjectives like crunchy peanuts and chewy caramel. Though I chose the Mickey Fun Bar because it had nuts and caramel, I wondered why it looked different and didn't have a functional title like the other bars. Perhaps, the nuts and caramel milk chocolate bar was not selling so they decided to give it a fun name to boost sales? Perhaps the newer bars did better because their titles were functional and Mickey's Fun Bar had it description left as a subtitle that few would read. While the mystery of a 'fun bar' would establish curiosity and encourage further investigation, the difference between this bar and the others still remains a mystery. While this candy bar was puzzling and there was nothing Mickey about it outside the colorful wrapper, I did like it because it was kind of like a Snickers Bar. 'Hey there Hi there Hoe there! Hungry? Why wait, grab a Mickey Fun Bar!'

The candy bar was exactly what it said on the wrapper and did exactly what it was purchased to do. It satisfied my hunger and by golly I had fun eating it.


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