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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: Magically Delicious Disney Cereal
March 6, 2011

It was a cold and blustery Sunday morning in 2002 and Dad just retrieved the morning paper.  He found the usual circulars, coupons, ads, etc. but also, the morning paper came with a surprise as it infrequently did: a sample of Kellogg's cereal.  My day suddenly got brighter and I immediately grabbed the sample and kept it in my room for years until I searched like a madman today for today's Sunday Brunch.  A little crazy, right?  Well I was reaching the pinnacle of insanity regarding a love of Disney in 2002-Disney's House of Mouse had been a must-watch Saturday morning cartoon for me (even though I was in 10th grade), new theme parks had just opened at the Disneyland Resort and the Tokyo Disneyland Resort, the most popular classic Disney animated features were premiering on Platinum Edition DVDs, and to top it all off, Disney partnered with Kellogg's to create a line of Disney brand cereals.  I was fascinated with the idea that Tony the Tiger, Snap, Crackle, Pop, and a slew of other beloved cereal characters were welcoming such classic Disney characters as Timon, Pumbaa, Winnie the Pooh, and my favorite, Sorcerer Mickey.  Here was something I was sure to be Disney history as it was my first time seeing a Disney branded cereal.  What a thrill!

(The actual 2002 Mickey's Magix cereal sample, still intact and smelling like crayons-because that's what they were stored next to all these years)

Kelloggs' and Disney's "Mickey's Magix" cereal was described on its package as a "naturally, sweetened toasted oat cereal with marshmallow."  In a sense, it is Lucky Charms, replacing the magical leprechaun with a magical mouse.  The name seems to join the trend in ending cereal names with an "ix" (Kix, Trix) which I'm sure has some sort of significance. The design of the package includes Mickey with his magical bowl of cereal in the foreground and a fun collection of Disney characters in the background by a small castle. Pluto guards the castle door while Goofy is seen in a jester outfit pulling a rabbit-eared Donald out of a hat.  If you look even closer, there are two small bunnies, one with a huge resemblance to Thumper and the other cracking up as they watch Goofy's magic trick. 

The Magix cereal was made of the magic of Sorcerer Mickey!  It consisted of toasted oat, whole grain star cereal bits with a pixie powdering of blue sprinkles accompanied with a helping of pastel colored marshmallows, whose shapes are a direct reference to the design of Mickey's sorcerer hat: stars, moons, and the forever recognizable Mickey head silhouettes.  The following year, the marshmallow bits were changed (probably because they resembled a little too closely to rival General Mills' Lucky Charms lucky charms) to miniature sorcerer hats and magic wands.

After nearly 10 years, the cereal is still intact!  Now don't get too excited, I'm not about to open this up and tell you how it tastes.  1) It's been 9 years and 2) Since substantial amount of time has passed, here is a piece of Disney history sitting in front of me. If you think you're excited now for Mickey's Magix, hold on to your sorcerer hats because I haven't even mentioned the best part. This magical cereal magically turns your milk blue! It says right on the box, "WOW! The milk turns BLUE!" Holy cow, when was the last time your cereal made your milk change colors? Well, on purpose anyway-the magical sprinkle bits on the oat stars acted as a food dye to change white milk colors. When the marshmallows changed, the package artwork changed a bit and the cereal colors also changed.  Now milk turned purple, and in some countries the milk turned pink!

(Image from Mr.

Sadly, I never got around to trying an actual box of this cereal for real, but blogger Poh Huai Bin in Malaysia has.  Read about his experience with Mickey's magix cereal at ( where his milk turned pink!

(Image from

To close this awesome trip into the world of Disney cereal, I leave you with one of my favorite things about breakfast cereal:  the advertising that goes with it.  For Mickey's Magix cereal, Disney released an AWESOME, fully animated commercial.  I won't discuss it further here, you'll just have to wait for my brother's March 12th Saturday Matinee!



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