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Corn Dogs: Disney's Unlikely Hero by guest writer Brent Dodge

December 23, 2012

July 3, 2010. I had recently moved to Florida after the release of my first book and had made one simple promise to myself: I would take advantage of every unique opportunity presented to me. So when the 4th of July fireworks were going to be shown on both July 3rd and the 4th, I opted for the obvious choice of going both days. I wanted a good spot however and decided that I could try and hold a spot for an hour or two. So I nestled into the Hub just in front of the Partners statue and I waited, and waited, and waited...

I began to talk to the guests around me. The majority of them were families that were enjoying their holiday together and they eventually all began to feel bad for me not having any family around. While we talked about the ultimate American things we decided that Disney World was at the top of the list, but the one man kept insisting that corn dogs were right up there too.

Now I've never had any real interest in eating corn dogs. They have never seemed too appetizing to me, but this man constantly insisted to everyone in the area that he was right. He eventually excused himself and returned about ten minutes later with his hands completely full with roughly thirty to forty containers of Casey Corner's mini corn dogs. In the spirit of the holiday he began to pass them out to everyone in the area stating that it's the most American thing and everyone should have a piece of America on the fourth of July.

Mini Corn Dogs Casey's Corner in Magic Kingdom

While I never really grew to enjoy corn dogs, these little miniature bites began to play significant roles with brining people together. Recently a new friend and I shared a box of them while learning about each others past, my brother and I shared one while rushing to our annual first attraction, Space Mountain, my good friends Amy and Craig Peterman talked for hours while munching away on them, and just hours ago I shared a few with some of my best friends on their last night of the vacation.

It's weird how food brings people together, but what's even more odd is it isn't always the big meals that are the most monumental. Just like most things in life, it's the little meals and moments that truly make the memories that last a lifetime. So next time you are walking down Main Street, go grab an order of mini corn dogs. Who knows what it'll lead to?


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