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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch - A Taste of Beverly by guest writer, Brent Dodge

Editor's Note: Due to the hectic schedule of helping open up a restaurant, Reuben couldn't make it here this week so I'm taking over this week's Sunday Brunch.

Club Cool - Epcot

I present to you, an ode to Beverly.

While strolling through Epcot, on a nice and sunny day
Your throat begins to feel quite parched in just an awful way

You stumble across a building which is known as Club Cool
You figure if you passed by you would be seen as a fool

Just after entering you see bubbles throughout the room
The ground seems quite sticky, a job for a mop not a broom

In the center of the room, soda fountains sit by waiting
Which country should you choose, this could take some debating

There's Mozambique and China and Israel is there as well
Coke products within the room that merchants wait to sell

You notice Costa Rica and Germany, Mexico, and Japan too
A sound comes to your ears which appears to be quite new

A guest around the corner declares, Beverly is the best
You look at Italy's beverage there and decide to take the test

With one small cup within your hand you push the button there
And as the liquid pours you don't realize you should have fear

You put the glass up to your lips hoping you'll want more
But next thing you know, you're spitting on the floor

Oh Beverly, oh Beverly, why are you so disgusting
When I drink from China, my throat doesn't do this fussing

Oh Beverly, oh Beverly you are gross and make me sick
Next time you're in Club Cool try to make a smarter pick

So there you have the ballad, of a drink that is just wrong
Now go and read this once again, singing it like a song

Club Cool - Epcot - Soda Fountains




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