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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch: Eatin' Down in Port Orleans

18 March 2012

In the Southland,
There's a city,
Way down on the river!

If this is any indication of where we're headed for today's Sunday Brunch, then I don't know what is! Disney's Port Orleans Resort is one of the most popular of the Disney resorts as it magically pulls you into the world of New Orleans, both the city 'French Quarter' sector and the riverbank plantation mansions and bayou homes on the 'Riverside.' Beautifully and faithfully recreated and themed, both resorts are nestled on the 'Sassagoula River' named for the Native American translation of 'Mississippi.' This river connects both resorts as well as the Downtown Disney shopping district.

So naturally, with the River as a main feature of the Port Orleans area as it is in the real New Orleans, the Riverside sector of the resort features the Riverside Mill. The mill provides many purposes for the backstory of the resort, but for today's blog, we look to the mill for the Port Orleans Riverside food court!

The water wheel is actually powered by the river

And inside the wheel turns the gears to power the mill!

I have had the pleasure to stay at this resort, play in this resort, and work at this resort, so in short, this resort is definitely a favorite. The costumes are terrific here, with so many pieces and New Orleans style prints and colors, it was a lot of fun to dress up for work and get in the mood to deliver some Southern Hospitality. With that said, come on down and join me as we continue our photo journey to some good eats down in New Orleans!

After going through the lobby, to the left is a hallway leading to 'Food and Drink' and fun!

After passing Boatwright's Dining Hall, the table service restaurant, you are greeted by menus of the 'shops' found at the Riverside Mill

The Sandwich and Salad Shop at the Mill

With so many choices to dine on, it is difficult to pick! Pasta, Pizza, sandwiches, salads, burgers, etc. I decided to get the Cajun Chicken Sandwich being in the New Orleans themed resort, I figured I'd get one of the few themed entrees offered. Unfortunately, the sandwich was a bit underwhelming. It sounded great, but the part that made it Cajun (the sauce) was not at all what I was expecting. The cast member serving me said it was a spicy Cajun mayonnaise, but it was far from it. I guess whoever made it that day forgot the spice. I'm a bit sensitive to spicy foods, but this was nothing for me. The grilled chicken was a little dry as well, and could have used more of a spice rub or whatever they meant to use to make it Cajun. On the plus side the portion size was nice and a fresh vegetable fixings bar was provided for the sandwiches and the burgers. Still, one expects the unique aspects of the sandwich to be the positives. The sandwich was an overall let down considering its name and the resort I was in.

But with every down there is an up, and dessert DEFINITELY made up for the underwhelming dinner. The Magic Cookie Bar, a special dessert that I've found at very few resorts, is definitely magical. It is probably 1000 calories per bite, but who's counting on vacation? At the Board Walk Bakery, they make miniature versions for banquets and call it the 7 layer bar, but at Riverside Mill, you get a huge square of magic cookie bar. The bar is probably better known as the recipe found on cans of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk, where it has been found since the 1960s and was named the 'Hello Dolly.' Disney adds a few more ingredients, with their version made from condensed milk, butter/margarine, chopped nuts, chocolate chip, butterscotch chips, and coconut on a delicious graham cracker crust. With an ingredient list like that, need I say more at how delicious this was? I've been back twice for these bars!

So in the Southland, there's a city way down by the river, and while some of the food is a bit underwhelming, the Riverside Mill and the resort itself has plenty to deliver. Along with a few weeks previous article on beignets, it's easy to see why so many people love the Port Orleans resort and return year after year. Riverside Mill is probably one of the biggest resort food courts with such a diverse selection of offerings. We've only just had a smackeral of what we can find here. Stay tuned, as I'm sure I'll be heading back down the river for another taste of New Orleans.


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