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Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies ' Smores Cupcake
June 12, 2011

Author's note: Sunday Brunchies and Crunchies is a new spin on Sunday Brunch that explores a single item in WDW.  It could be a snack or a dish or a quick bite.  Rather than dedicate a post to one whole restaurant, we'll be taking a critical look at some delicious Disney treats and dining individually.

The Board Walk Bakery is probably my most favorite place to eat on property; it offers quite a large variety of tasty treats and the overpowering aroma of baked goods is evermore present here compared to the Main Street Bakery since its main preparation kitchen is within the same room as the counter.

Today we'll have a quick bite with the Smores Cupcake.  This gigantic, muffin sized cupcake is a tasty combination of the traditional chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker concoction in cupcake form.  The cupcake is a rich chocolate flavor with a very nice, light and fluffy texture, differentiating it from a muffin.  The cupcake is filled with a light and airy marshmallow cream and then topped with a light whipped cream and puffs of marshmallow on top.  The treat is finished with a garnish of chocolate sauce and rolled in graham cracker crumb mixture.

As a cupcake, this treat was delicious.  A nice chocolate cupcake with white frosting and a marshmallow filling.  Though since it was made to be a smores cupcake, there seemed to be a little more to be desired.  The balance of flavors was a little off, with chocolate clearly dominating the flavor profile and the marshmallow fluff being excessive when one thinks of a smore.  The graham cracker element is an interesting interpretation for the cupcake, though in a real smore it is at least half of the flavor and texture of the treat.  The Board Walk Bakery offers a delicious cupcake, but its interpretation of smore in cupcake form could use a little work.  I would like to try making it with a graham cracker crust bottom cup.  The cup part of the cupcake would be a pre baked or par baked graham cracker crust then chocolate cake and marshmallow fluff frosting would fill in the middle and cupcake top.  That way you get more graham cracker and a nice balance of all the traditional flavors of a smore.


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